With his ever-growing fan base, it's no question why Mr.Basco 5 has become one of Vancouver's most sough-after artists. His primary skill (according to me) is entertaining the people of Vancouver through the little pieces of art that one could see in the strangest places all over our city. Basco 5 can truly be called an artist because in the worst day, if one comes upon a little creature stuck upon the dirty paint chips of a wall somewhere, life lights up a bit, just by looking at one of his creations. His work is simple, unique and different. What sets Basco 5 apart from all the other artists in Vancouver who are also excellent drawers? Maybe it's all the opportunities he got when it came to doing artwork for Nike shoes, a Mentos sponsored mural, or maybe doing artwork for concert posters all over Vancouver. Basco 5 was also seen drawing on a convas for a live audience at the Vancouver Fringe Festival event, where many artists created work infront of an audience. Either way, his artwork catches attention fast, and seems to have a temporary pleasure and satisfaction in it, a first-serve amusement source.
Basco5 is sadly, no longer with us because he has moved to Denmark but his spirit remains as his artowrk is still all over vancouver's walls, roofs, dumpsters, poles, benches and maybe even people sometimes, who knows? The reason to why i wanted to inculde him in PhotoDistrict and what connection he has with photography is the simple fact that his work is extensively photographed all over Vancouver. His animations and drawings give people something to photograph: an idea, a setting, a statement!!
BASCO, hope you take over Denmark with you artowork and make them eat it too!

Basco's collaboration with Mentos, and The Commodified!

Most of the shirts are sold out, but some are still left and can be purchased at Lark!

His collaboration with NIKE shoes!

The buttons that were sold at the Lark basco 5 show!

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