I've known this gorl for 2 years now, and although ive lost all touch with her, I still follow her photo stream on Flickr. Meg's work keeps getting better and better. Although most of her photo enthusiasm engages around concert photography which i find presumably dull, she does great portraits, especially her latest stuff of Charras Coyle. Meg can be spotted as a staple contributor for concert photos of bands such as The Strokes, The Winks, Tenacious D, Regina Spektor and Fake Shark- Real Zombie in magazines such as The Discorder. She is a Vancouver resident who gets the privelege to receive photo-passes from Jack White's publicist and travel for free to San Francisco to see The Strokes. I give her all the credit to being one of the best concert photographers out there, her stuff is sharp, fresh and forward. So are her friends who are often the subjects of her shoots, all of them being Sam, Sarah, Vanessa and others.


Blogger Stephen said...

I really like the apple one, something about it, just great.

21/5/07 10:10 PM  
Blogger kk+ said...

awesome julia. thx. :) gonna send her an email.

22/5/07 3:41 PM  

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