My time in the Vancouver/Victoria area was short lived, yet it was some of the best time I have spent in a long time. Me and my friend from Canada took a vacation that began in Vancouver and circled around the areas including Victoria, Seattle, and Whistler. Vancouver was and still is one of the most lively and interesting places I have visited. It seems like a very friendly and open place to live. There seem to be all types of people of all ages and all types of interests who live here. We went up there and already had plans to do things, however Vancouver is a city full of wonderful activities and fun. We were treated to 2 weekends full of great fireworks shows during a contest that was put on in the summer of 2006. As for my work I focus on scenery photography with a small bit of timed exposure shooting for interesting movement effects at night. I like photos with deep color contrast or simply many things "happening" in the picture. I am a big follower of the rule of thirds and find that it usually makes for great photos. While I do not always follow it, I am always finding great pictures using this rule. I do not shoot enough portrait work, but wish to do more of that in the future. I hope to also visit the Vancouver area again sometime in the future.


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