With his ever-growing fan base, it's no question why Mr.Basco 5 has become one of Vancouver's most sough-after artists. His primary skill (according to me) is entertaining the people of Vancouver through the little pieces of art that one could see in the strangest places all over our city. Basco 5 can truly be called an artist because in the worst day, if one comes upon a little creature stuck upon the dirty paint chips of a wall somewhere, life lights up a bit, just by looking at one of his creations. His work is simple, unique and different. What sets Basco 5 apart from all the other artists in Vancouver who are also excellent drawers? Maybe it's all the opportunities he got when it came to doing artwork for Nike shoes, a Mentos sponsored mural, or maybe doing artwork for concert posters all over Vancouver. Basco 5 was also seen drawing on a convas for a live audience at the Vancouver Fringe Festival event, where many artists created work infront of an audience. Either way, his artwork catches attention fast, and seems to have a temporary pleasure and satisfaction in it, a first-serve amusement source.
Basco5 is sadly, no longer with us because he has moved to Denmark but his spirit remains as his artowrk is still all over vancouver's walls, roofs, dumpsters, poles, benches and maybe even people sometimes, who knows? The reason to why i wanted to inculde him in PhotoDistrict and what connection he has with photography is the simple fact that his work is extensively photographed all over Vancouver. His animations and drawings give people something to photograph: an idea, a setting, a statement!!
BASCO, hope you take over Denmark with you artowork and make them eat it too!

Basco's collaboration with Mentos, and The Commodified!

Most of the shirts are sold out, but some are still left and can be purchased at Lark!

His collaboration with NIKE shoes!

The buttons that were sold at the Lark basco 5 show!

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I've known this gorl for 2 years now, and although ive lost all touch with her, I still follow her photo stream on Flickr. Meg's work keeps getting better and better. Although most of her photo enthusiasm engages around concert photography which i find presumably dull, she does great portraits, especially her latest stuff of Charras Coyle. Meg can be spotted as a staple contributor for concert photos of bands such as The Strokes, The Winks, Tenacious D, Regina Spektor and Fake Shark- Real Zombie in magazines such as The Discorder. She is a Vancouver resident who gets the privelege to receive photo-passes from Jack White's publicist and travel for free to San Francisco to see The Strokes. I give her all the credit to being one of the best concert photographers out there, her stuff is sharp, fresh and forward. So are her friends who are often the subjects of her shoots, all of them being Sam, Sarah, Vanessa and others.


The Works of Ben Johnson

His photo exhibit is displayed for a while now, as stated in the post below. But on May 24th, at 8-10 PM, he will be hosting a closing party for his Cambodian photo pieces. Come out and Enjoy!
For now here are some photos tha Ben has taken of Vancouver.


A Big Thank you to Ben Johnson for letting me feature him. His photos depics the spirit of Vancouver in such a simple yet singnificant way......the energy of it's buildings, the people and everything that surrounds Vancouver all comes together in his photos through the eye of an observer that simply wants to capture. I had a great time picking out the photos, especially from the Main Street collection because I used to work at some of the shelters around there.





Images of Ankor: Photos by Ben Johnson

Images of Ankor - Photos by Ben Johnson
Photo show at Radha Yoga and eatery
Ben Johnson

Thursday, May 24, 2007
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Radha Yoga and Eatery
730 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Images of Ankor: Photos by Ben JohnsonThe show is on display, with a closing party on May 24th from 8 to 10pmAngkor is a region in Cambodia that served as the seat of power of the Khmer empire from the 9th to the 15th century. Spread over almost 200 square kilometres is a collection of temples that form one of the greatest collections of Hindu and Buddhist architecture in the world. The principal temple of Angkor, Angkor Wat, was built in the 12th century and is considered to be the largest single religious monument ever built. About the PhotographerBen Johnson is a Vancouver-based photographer whose images are ethnographic and documentary in style. He has travelled extensively and has photographed subjects in India, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.Website: www.flickr.com/photos/sockeyed